Buying a Phoenix Home

Touring a Phoenix™ Home

You can find out about the homes we have available through the Homes for Sale pages of this web site or through RMLS™ listings.

As you drive the neighborhoods of Portland you'll know that you are seeing a finished Phoenix™ home if you see our distinctive Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. For Sale sign on a signpost in the front yard of the home.

Please feel free to walk all around the home and look in all the windows - front and back. We leave lights on twenty-four hours a day to make it easier for potential buyers to view our homes. You can also take a photo tour online by visiting our Homes for Sale page.

When you have viewed the home from the outside, please give your Realtor® a call to give you a tour of the inside of the home. All of our homes have an RMLS lockbox on the home, so your Realtor® will have easy access to go inside.