Buying a Phoenix Home

Information for Realtors

Our Commitment To Realtors®

Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. recognizes the positive difference a Realtor® can make for both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction. We are committed to supporting the hard work of the Realtor® community, so we ensure that every transaction involving a Phoenix™ home is handled with the utmost professionalism.

Our goal is to earn your continued business by being the most knowledgeable, reliable, and professional seller with whom you've ever worked.

Phoenix™ Homes and the RMLS™

All Phoenix™ homes are owned by Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. When they are completed, we list them with a local real estate firm that in turn places each home on the RMLS™. Each Phoenix™ home's respective RMLS™ number can be found next to that property's photo on our Homes for Sale page on this web site.

Our Realtor® does not place a sign in front of our homes. A finished Phoenix™ home can be identified by the distinctive green and white Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. For Sale sign on the signpost in the front yard of the home.

Realtors® work very hard for the commissions they earn and we see the results of this hard work in each transaction. We pay a selling office commission and a buyer's agent commission on all of our listings in recognition of this hard work.

Showing a Phoenix™ Home

All of our finished homes are vacant and available for showing at any time. All homes have an RMLS™ lockbox in place, usually on a gas meter or hose bib on the side of the home. Please leave your card inside the home and contact us with your comments!

Presenting An Offer To Phoenix™

If you have a buyer who is interested in one of our homes, please write up your client's offer and email it to us – you’ll see the email address in the listing comments. When we receive the offer we will review it promptly and respond before the offer expires.

If you have any other questions about our homes or the process of helping your client buy a Phoenix™ home, please feel free to contact us.