Phoenix™ Homes For Sale

The Phoenix Redevelopment Oil Tank Policy

Because many homes in the Northwest are or were heated with fuel oil, we have developed a strict policy to inspect every home we sell for underground oil tanks.

To achieve our objectives under this policy, we have contracted with EcoTech, LLC, a leader in oil tank testing, clean-up, and compliance.

Oil Tank Testing

When we purchase a home, we contract with EcoTech to perform a review of the property to locate any underground heating oil tanks on the property and to sample the soil surrounding any tanks we find. If soil samples indicate that a tank is leaking, EcoTech decommissions the tank in compliance with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) guidelines. If soil sampling reveals no evidence of a leak, we may keep the tank in use or decommission it per DEQ guidelines.

Oil Tank Documentation

We maintain a complete file of the results of work performed by EcoTech for every Phoenix™ home. We are happy to provide a copy of this file to our purchaser for review prior to the closing of any purchase transaction.