Case Studies

Confidential Sales

Case Study 1 Long-Term Family Home in SW Portland

Challenge Category:
Confidential and Private Sales

Property Description:
Severely Distressed Inherited Home

The Seller's Challenge:
For years, the sole occupant of this large home had been struggling to keep up both financially and physically. He did he not have the funds or motivation to keep up with basic maintenance of the home and he was under constant pressure from creditors. The home’s deteriorating condition had become a cause of embarrassment and eventually led to him adopt a reclusive lifestyle to avoid his family, friends, and neighbors.

The Phoenix Solution:
We coordinated with the seller’s attorney and family to purchase the home in its as-is condition. We structured the transaction to give the seller extended possession of the home so that he could have more time to transition smoothly into more appropriate housing that didn’t require constant upkeep. All of this was done confidentially and privately without real estate signs, open houses, public notices, or curious neighbors.

The Seller's Outcome:
The seller moved his equity from a rapidly depreciating asset into a more stable investment. He is now living in a clean, well maintained smaller home with professional landscaping and pre-arranged routine maintenance.