Home Selling Challenges


Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. has spent the last twenty-five years structuring purchase transactions to address the unique needs of each of our sellers. Because we’ve purchased hundreds and hundreds of homes, we have a wealth of experience in just about every possible real estate purchase situation.

Home Selling Challenges

Clarity: With twenty-five years and over a thousand transactions behind us, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the requirements of any real estate purchase transaction, no matter how complex or overwhelming it may seem. Whether you are selling your principal residence, a rental property, or a property owned by the estate of a family member, our Advantage Series™ programs allow us to make a purchase proposal that lays out a clear, step by step path leading towards a simple and certain closing that happens right on time.

Confidence: Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. has purchased and resold over $175 million worth of residential homes in the Portland area. We have the confidence to take on the roughest fixer, the scariest environmental mess, and the most unmarketable home in the neighborhood. Our experience has also given us the confidence to address and resolve complex title issues, tax or trust deed foreclosures, bankruptcies, probates, conservatorships, investment property sales, §1031 exchanges, and problem tenants, all while keeping each purchase transaction private and confidential.

Cash: Cash is the only sure-fire way to buy real estate. This may sound simplistic, but the reality is that the majority real estate transactions that fail or are delayed do so because of some issue related to financing. Because we are all-cash buyers, we don't have to apply for a loan, endure appraisal headaches, or satisfy unrealistic underwriting requirements. We are self-financed and have the purchase funds available whenever we need them.

Community: We are a locally owned company that believes in supporting the local economy and keeping the Pacific Northwest one of the greatest places in the world to live and raise a family. Our twenty-five years of home restorations have returned strength and hope to Portland’s neighborhoods, given new life to some of Portland’s unique architectural treasures, and helped support the growth of community that makes the Portland area so special.