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New Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. Homes Are on the Way!

Phoenix Redevelopment is busy year-round renovating homes throughout the Portland metropolitan area.  As we finish these homes we make them available to our customers by advertising them in The Oregonian¨ newspaper's classified section and by listing our homes in the Realtor's Multiple Listing Service™ (RMLS™).  All of our finished homes are painstakingly renovated to our meticulous quality standards.  You can see examples of the homes we produce on our Homes for Sale page.

Instant Notification of New Homes Available

If you are interested in being alerted the moment a new Phoenix™ home is finished, please join our Email list. We will send a short description of each finished home as soon as we have set an asking price but before the home is placed on the open market.

If you see a specific Phoenix™ home under renovation and you'd like to know more about it, please jot down the address and contact us.  We will add your name to a select group who will be notified by Email or phone the minute the home is available.  You may also join our Property Specific Email list through our website.

A Word of Caution!

If you do happen to run across one of our homes under renovation, please use caution when viewing the property. In many cases the home is undergoing major repairs that may pose a risk to you.  If you have questions about one of our properties, please contact us.