Home Selling Challenges

Neighborhood Problems

You may spend years searching for the perfect home, but it can all go up in smoke if you have problem neighbors or trouble in your neighborhood.

There may be an annoying neighbor, a steady increase in crime, unwanted development, excessive noise, wild and unparented children, scary or dangerous pets, undesirable visitors at all hours, or just neighbors that stop maintaining their yards and homes.

Whatever the case, it has a direct impact on your happiness, the value of your home, and its eventual marketability when you try to sell it. After all, the old adage of "location, location, location" is still one of the most critical factors in real estate today.

If you have a bad neighbor or a bad neighborhood, then you may be facing a very difficult situation when you decide to sell. Our twenty-five years of experience in renovating homes has taught us there are solutions to every problem and a buyer for every home. As the largest all-cash homebuyer in the Northwest, we have the financial strength to take on any home with any sort of issue... even the ones that can’t be solved with a hammer and nail. We are committed to the communities of the Northwest and believe in helping rebuild neighborhoods one home at a time.

Increase in Crime:  Crime is an ever-present issue in many of the neighborhoods we have helped rebuild over the years. While it’s hard to make an immediate change to the crime statistics in a neighborhood, our twenty-five years of experience has taught us how to properly address this concern as we renovate the homes we own. Even if there is an active crime problem in your neighborhood, we will still be interested in reviewing your home and making an all-cash, as-is, no fees offer.

Problems with Neighbors, Pets, and/or Undesirable Visitors: Disruptive neighbors, pets, or visitors is an extremely difficult issue to manage. Not only do these issues affect the livability of a neighborhood…they negatively impact the eventual sale of the home. The impact of a dog that barks every time a prospective buyer approaches the front door may cause the market time of a home to skyrocket and price to plummet. Over the years we’ve had plenty of experiences where we had to deal with and resolve these kinds of headaches. Disruptive neighbors are a manageable problem and not something that would keep Phoenix™ from making an offer on your home.

Unwanted Nearby Development:  Although development is an unstoppable reality, there is some development that is viewed as more disruptive to a neighborhood’s livability and marketability. Whether it is an adult entertainment establishment, a noisy bar, or just a large multifamily development that adds to the congestion of your neighborhood, nearby development can have a negative impact on the value of an area. While most buyers may have a negative emotional reaction to this sort of development and move on to the next house, we look at development on a more macro level. Regardless of the rate or type of development underway, we can see the potential. We’ll make an all-cash offer to help you move on to your next home, and we’ll do so on a schedule that fits your needs.

Street/Freeway Noise:  While most noise related problems are a significant deterrent to homebuyers, we look at noise problems like we would any physical deficiency in the home. We have twenty-five years of problem solving to draw upon when we face noise challenges, and the willingness to buy homes that other buyers would avoid. Regardless of the type of noise, we can see the potential and solve the problem. We’ll make an all-cash offer to help you move on to your next home, and we’ll do so on a schedule that fits your needs.