Home Selling Solutions

The Phoenix Fresh Start Solution Program™

A financial crisis like a foreclosure or bankruptcy can be an overwhelming and distressing experience. Homeowners often describe this time as hopeless, full of insurmountable obstacles, and lacking any clear options or guidance. To assist with this challenge we have developed the Phoenix Fresh Start Solution™. This program addresses exactly these issues by providing you with a clearly defined, step-by-step experience that will allow you to make a "fresh start”. It will provide you leadership, expert guidance, and a variety of options that not only help you get past these rough waters but steer you on a fresh path toward financial clarity. Finally you will have answers you've been looking for and a partner to walk with you along the way.

The Fresh Start Solution Program™ is intended to deliver simplicity, certainty, and professionalism at every turn. Each step along the way will be clearly defined so as to keep you informed and in control of the transaction from start to finish. We can work directly with your bank, lender, or attorney to make sure everyone involved has the ability to review the offer and get their questions answered. Phoenix Redevelopment makes selling simple and the Fresh Start Solution Program™ is the tool that delivers on this promise.

The Four Options: The Fresh Start Solution™ is designed to provide you with a variety of options. There are four unique programs within the Fresh Start Solution™ that address a seller's individual needs and that we can put to work for you right now:

  1. Refinance and Stay:  If you would prefer to keep your home by refinancing your current mortgage, The Backup Plan Program™ is your answer. Pursuing a refinance is risky. If something goes off track at the very last minute (as refinances often do!), you'll lose your refinance, your home, and all of your equity. By employing The Backup Plan Program™, we stand ready to complete an all cash, as-is, no fees purchase of your home. All the documents are ready, the Title Company is set, and the money is in escrow. If your lender stumbles at the last minute, you say GO! and our purchase transaction closes, paying off your loan, ending the foreclosure action, and, most important, keeping your equity for you. If your refinance goes through smoothly, your transaction with Phoenix simply melts away and you stay in your home with your new mortgage.
  2. Sell Now, Move Now:  If you've decided to sell your home, The Equity Maximizer Program™ is our powerfully simple, all-cash, as-is, no fees approach that provides you with the most straightforward way to sell your home. We will work with you to develop a purchase transaction that closes smoothly, on time, and well in advance of the upcoming Trustee's Sale. Our Equity Maximizer™ purchase transaction will end the foreclosure and provide you with your equity directly from the closing at Ticor Title Company.
  3. Sell Now, Move Later:  We know that a sudden move is difficult and stressful. We also know that you may want to keep your plans private and not have the entire neighborhood curious about what is happening. Using The Extended Stay Program™, we can work with you to settle on a move date that gives you the time you need to transition out of the home. We can also help you with this transition by bringing in the resources to help you find your next home and even assist you with your move.
  4. You Have No Equity:  If you have no equity in your home, we can employ The Seller's Advocate Program™ where we work directly with your bank to negotiate a reduction in what you owe in exchange for you paying off the lion's share of all outstanding mortgage loans.

The Program Road Map:  We have a number of alternatives available to suite your individual needs. No matter which one you choose, we guide you through a successful transaction using our proprietary four-step process that takes you from an initial informational gathering phase all the way through to the final closing. The best way to start this process is describing the framework of what you will be experiencing in the Fresh Start Solution Program™.

Step One, The Informed Beginning™:  TThis initial step is all about sharing and gathering information. It is a true "exchange” of information between buyer and seller. We want you to be just as informed about our organization and process as we are about the needs of your estate. In fact, the reading you're doing right now is part of this first step to help you become informed. However, the information gathering continues during an initial phone call and all the way through our initial visit to your property to assess its potential. All along the way we are listening carefully so we can shape our solution to your particular needs. Once we've collected the information we need, we are ready to move on to The Tailored Transaction™.

Step Two, The Tailored Transaction™:  This step is focused on preparing a customized solution to your specific home needs. Once we fully understand your objectives, we will develop a series of alternatives as mentioned above and then execute a specific plan that you select. We will involve you in the transaction from start to finish and let you dictate the timing, the terms, and the outcome. And because we have immediate access to our own multi-million dollar acquisition fund, we have the flexibility to complete an all cash, as-is, no fees purchase when you want and how you want. Also keep in mind that the specifics of our agreement are kept completely confidential and private. Once the terms and details are finalized, we move on to The Coordinated Rollout™.

Step Three, The Coordinated Rollout™:  This stage is all about managing the details and ensuring your needs are addressed. Once the contract is finalized, we launch our team of closing professionals to work on flawlessly executing your specific plan. Even though there is a substantial amount of "behind-the-scenes” work occurring at this stage, we make sure you are informed of the progress. Our program ensures there is never a surprise, never a hiccup along the way, and never a missed commitment. This stage is all about making good on our promise, "We Make Selling Simple". Finally, once all the pieces are in place and outstanding issues resolved, we move swiftly to The Financial Finish Line™.

Step Four, The Financial Finish Line™:  This final stage is the culmination of our transaction and the graceful transition of ownership. Outstanding loans, liens, and taxes on the home are resolved. Utilities are transferred. And most importantly, the funds are in place and ready to transfer into your bank account.