Home Selling Challengs

Financial Matters

Real estate sales as a result of a financial crisis are quite common these days. No one plans to lose their job and everyone hopes that replacing that income stream will be quick and painless. The reality is these things don't work out this way and will have a significant impact on your ability to stay in your home. While paychecks may stop, mortgage payments don't. As a result, you may be forced to sell your home and if it isn't in ideal, marketable condition then it may be tough to sell, especially in a tough real estate market. As cash buyers, we are able to buy any home in any condition and close extremely quickly... even in just a couple days. In fact, we have developed a specific program called the Phoenix Fresh Start Solution Program™ to aid sellers facing financial struggles. These are a series of options that we can put to work for you whether you intend to stay in your home or even if you're "upside down" in your mortgage. These are proven solutions that will provide you certainty in an uncertain world. They will provide you leadership and direction when it seems as there are no more options. We are experienced buyers that will do as we promise, can meet or beat the deadlines as imposed by the financial institutions, and will give you a Fresh Start. The following are just a few of the examples of such financial matters we have helped sellers resolve.

Foreclosures and Short Sales:  If you are one of many facing foreclosure on your home, you are likely facing a cascade of legal bills and unpaid mortgage payments that just don't end. On top of this, you are staring at a quickly approaching deadline to repay these missed payments or risk losing your home and much of your equity. Whether you've exhausted your refinance options or simply need a back-up plan, the Fresh Start Solution Program™ has a solution for you. Given time is of the essence, the FSS will quickly assess your needs and develop a series of alternatives to address your pending foreclosure crisis. This set of programs is designed to put you in control, provide specific options even if you decide to stay in your home, and allow you to decide when and how it all happens. But the most important thing is to call now and start the process of addressing the reality of your situation. Every day that passes is one day closer to losing your home. Even though we are cash homebuyers that can close in just a few days, we have had to turn away some sellers who ran the clock down to zero. So, the sooner you call, the sooner we can prepare some alternatives for you to consider.

Bankruptcy: If you are facing or have already initiated bankruptcy, you have very specific deadlines and commitments you must keep. If selling your home is one of the requirements or necessities of your bankruptcy, then we can help. As professional homebuyers, we can buy your home as-is and meet whatever deadline you may have, even if your preference is to stay in your home. But if selling is your choice, we can help you quickly access your equity to pay down the bankruptcy and allow you to start over fresh. In fact, our Fresh Start Solution Program™ will provide a series of alternatives to address your bankruptcy needs. Just remember that not all homebuyers have the cash resources to make your home sale a reality and meet the commitments of your bankruptcy. You need to seek out and work with a professional homebuyer that has a proven source of funds to close as promised and allow you to start fresh.

Tax Foreclosure: If you are more than a couple years behind on your property taxes then the county has likely initiated tax foreclosure proceedings and has given you a deadline to repay your property taxes. If you don't have the ability to repay these taxes via a refinance or maybe a loan from a family friend, selling your home may be best option. As professional homebuyers, we can work with you to buy your home, pay a fair price, and satisfy the requirements of the county tax assessor. If your preference is to stay in the home, our Fresh Start Solution Program™ can still provide a series of alternatives if you want to stay. But as with standard foreclosure proceedings, the countdown to your deadline does not stop. You must call as soon as possible so we can work on developing a series of alternatives that meet your needs.

Loss of Job or Income Stream: Losing one's job or source of income is a scary proposition for anyone with a home mortgage. The threat of foreclosure and the downstream effects on your credit are real and certain. Staying ahead of that crisis may mean selling your home to satisfy your financial obligations before they move to the level of foreclosure. We can help by providing you with a quick, as-is, all-cash sale that will allow you to get out from under your mortgage and start fresh. In fact, our Fresh Start Solution Program™ can still provide a series of alternatives even if you want to stay. Whatever your objective, give us a call and we can discuss how our programs can help satisfy these financial obligations.

Lawsuit or Pending Litigation: if you are faced with a substantial financial obligation due to a lawsuit, you may need a clear path to free up the liquidity in your home equity. As a cash buyer with significant financial resources, we can provide you the certainty of a reliable cash buyer that can close on any home, in any condition, and at any time…even in just a matter of days. Freeing up your equity will allow you to focus on more important matters and relieve you of the burden of a heavy mortgage.