Home Selling Challenges

Financial Matters

Real estate sales that come as a result of a financial crisis are quite common these days. No one plans to lose a job, and everyone hopes that replacing that income stream will be quick and painless.

The reality is that these things don't always work out and changes in your financial picture may have a significant impact on your ability to stay in your home. While paychecks may stop, mortgage payments don't. As a result, you may be forced to sell your home and if it isn't in ideal, marketable condition then it may be difficult to sell no matter how strong the real estate market.

Phoenix Redevelopment is a cash buyer, so we can buy any home in any condition and close very quickly... even in just a single day if we can get a clean title report.

We have developed a program we call the Phoenix Fresh Start Solution™ that acts as our roadmap when we are working with sellers who are facing financial struggles.

We have a number of ways we can customize our offer, whether you’d prefer to stay in your home a while longer and even if you are "upside down" in your mortgage.

We are experienced buyers who will do what we promised to do….and complete the purchase transaction as we agreed.

Foreclosures and Short Sales:   If you are one of many homeowners in the Portland area facing foreclosure, you know that you have a quickly approaching deadline to make up your back payments or risk losing your home and potentially all your equity. Phoenix™ can be your solution of you decide to sell. We can provide you with an all-cash, as-is, no fees purchase that will close before the Trustee’s Sale, and we can work with you to make the timing of your move more manageable.

Bankruptcy: If you are facing or have already initiated bankruptcy, you have very specific deadlines and commitments you must keep. If selling your home is one of the requirements or necessities of your bankruptcy, we can help. Phoenix™ can buy your home as-is and meet whatever deadline you may have.

Tax Foreclosure:  If you are more than a few years behind on your property taxes, your county has very likely started some form of tax foreclosure proceedings and has given you a deadline to pay your property taxes. If you don't have the ability to pay these taxes, selling your home may be a reasonable option. We can work with you to purchase your home and see that the taxes are paid. You’ll have your equity and a fresh start.

Loss of Job or Income Stream: Losing a job or other source of income is a scary proposition for anyone with a mortgage. The danger of foreclosure and the downstream effects on your credit are real and certain. Staying ahead of that crisis may mean selling your home to satisfy your financial obligations before the foreclosure process begins. We can help by providing you with a rapid, all-cash, as-is, no fees sale that will allow you to get out from under your mortgage and start fresh.

Lawsuit or Pending Litigation: If you are faced with a substantial financial obligation due to a lawsuit, you may need a clear path to access the equity in your home. Phoenix™ can provide you the certainty of a reliable cash buyer who can close on any home, in any condition, and at any time…even in just a matter of days.