Home Selling Challenges

Estates and Family Matters

One of the most difficult transitions in life is dealing with an unwanted home change within your family. It could be a divorce or separation, the result of the physical or mental deterioration of a parent, or the fallout from a death in the family. Whether it's dividing households, coordinating a move to a long-term care facility, or managing the responsibilities of a relative’s estate, this is a challenging time. There are emotions to consider, family to coordinate, legal and financial matters to arrange, and eventually the sale of a home.

We've developed a purchase program to help families navigate this complex time. With the Phoenix Estate Advantage Program™ as a roadmap, we'll work with you to define the property sale objectives of the family or the estate, develop a series of alternative purchase proposals for the property, and then move forward on the purchase transaction that you decide is the best fit for the family or the estate's requirements.

Moving Yourself or a Family Member to an Assisted Living Center: It is always difficult to accept that it may be time to sell the family home and move yourself or a loved-one to a more appropriate living arrangement. A home filled with a lifetime of memories is hard to give up…and selling it can seem overwhelming. Let Phoenix be your buyer and you’ll experience an all-cash, as-is, no fees sale of your family property that will close exactly as agreed.

Inherited Homes: An inherited home is often a significant burden on a family and on estate administrators. The Personal Representative may be out of state and attempting to deal with this complex asset from a distance. The home may have extensive deferred maintenance or issues that need to be resolved before a sale can occur. And very often the home is full of a lifetime of belongings that need to be sorted through and dealt with. It’s tough to sell a home like this and suddenly the family or the Personal Representative is forced into the role of managing contractors, estate sale agents, real estate brokers, and more If you sell to Phoenix Redevelopment, we’ll give the family and the Personal Representative a way to bypass as many of these complex issues as possible. We’ll buy the home as-is, for all cash, and with any of the contents still in the house that the family chooses to leave behind.

Multiple Family Members Involved in an Estate Decision: While most home sales involve one individual or one couple, estate transactions often involve multiple decision makers. Whether the decision involves a single personal representative, a small number of siblings or a group that includes attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners, we can navigate these complex waters with ease. With Phoenix as the buyer for the estate property, we’ll make sure that each advisor has the time to review the offer completely and that no one gets left out of the chain of communication as the transaction moves along. The Phoenix Estate Advantage Program™ will give all estate parties a roadmap to follow as we progress through the transaction. At the closing, the team we work with at Ticor Title will complete the closing and then provide all parties with the documents needed to help close the estate.

Remote Coordination: Given that many estate administrators live out of the area, selling an estate property remotely can introduce a whole slew of additional complexities. From preparing the property for resale to simply "keeping an eye on it" while it sits vacant, being a remote estate administrator can add an extra layer of complexity that must be managed carefully to complete the sale of the estate property. We have developed our Estate Advantage Program™ to address the complexities of selling an estate property. With Phoenix as the buyer, we’ll help keep things simple….even if the estate administrator is thousands of miles away.

Uncooperative Family Members: When there are multiple siblings or decision makers involved in the sale of an estate property, it is likely that not everyone will be on the same page. One person may not want to sell. One person may not be realistic about pricing. One party may have tax issues to consider. And we often see transactions where there is a family member living in the home rent-free who doesn't want to move…or even allow access into the home for an inspection. Whatever the case, as experienced professional buyers we have the patience, creativity, and flexibility to navigate these tricky waters. Often, our status as a third-party buyer gives us access and neutrality that parties to the estate may not have. No matter what issues arise, we will work with each party to ensure their needs are understood and considered as we develop our purchase proposal for the estate property.

Disposing of a Houseful of Belongings: Dealing with a lifetime of belongings can be a daunting task for family members dealing with estate property or the move of a loved one into a new living arrangement. While we can't help decide which items in the home have the most significance, we can help find a home for what is left after the important items have been removed. We often purchase homes that are full of dated furniture, decades worth of old newspapers, or even just a pantry full of food. Whatever the contents may be, we have a process for finding a home for anything left behind. Whether we eventually donate remaining items to a charity, recycle the items, or just dispose of them, we will take care of anything you choose to leave behind.

Divorce/Separation: Dividing a household is difficult. Whether a separation is amicable or not, dividing assets and possibly even selling the home is a challenge. Our twenty-five years as a home buyer has taught us how to gracefully complete the purchase of a home while respecting the needs of all parties involved. Our approach to buying a home involves developing an understanding of each seller’s objectives, and then developing a purchase proposal that works….all the while communicating clearly with all parties involved.