Home Selling Challenges

Confidential and Private Home Sales

A common request we hear from many of our home sellers is that they would like to keep the sale of their home private and confidential. These sellers have private lives and wish to keep the sale of their home out of the public eye.

If this describes you too, perhaps you don't want a parade of strangers roaming through your home at an open house. Or, maybe you simply want to avoid having nosey neighbors peering into your personal life. You’d prefer to quietly move on to your next home without announcing to the world that your home is up for sale.

Whatever the reason, you have an understandable desire for privacy and discretion... which is completely at odds with the modern process of selling a home.

Most homes listed on the open market today lead to the home being advertised all across the Web. This will expose some of your most private details to anyone with access to a computer or a cell phone. In fact, most smartphone users today can literally stand in front of a listed home and peer into the rooms without even looking through a window. It is disconcerting to many sellers and especially so to those from the pre-internet generations.

At Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a completely private and confidential sale transaction. No For Sale signs, no showings, no open houses, no photos posted on the web, and complete privacy about the final selling price.