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Sell Your House in Portland, Oregon

For over twenty years, Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. has been one of the largest buyers of residential property in the Pacific Northwest. Since our founding in 1991 we’ve purchased, renovated and resold over $145 million in residential real estate. If you need to sell your house quickly in Portland and the surrounding areas, we’re your buyer! We buy houses and plexes...all cash, as-is, and no fees. We make selling your real estate simple! We have the experience to handle even the most complicated transactions. Interested in learning more?

Jon Laufenberg, Vice President

How Our Home Buying Program Works

1. Phone Call:

Our process starts with a brief telephone discussion with you about your property. In this call we will answer any questions you may have, gather preliminary information from you about your property, and quickly assess whether your home sounds like a match for our needs.

2. Property Visit:

Our next step involves a tour of the property. This confidential, no-obligation review is our opportunity to answer all of the questions we have about your property.

3. Purchase Offer:

If we determine that your property is a good fit for us, we will craft an all-cash, as-is, no fees offer. We do extensive review and analysis before we arrive to the property tour appointment, so we are generally able to prepare our offer at the walkthrough meeting. If our offer works for you, we move forward together with a transaction. If the offer does not meet your needs, we shake hands and part friends. No pressure.

4. Timely Closing:

Once the transaction is under way, our team works closely with you and with the title company to smoothly close the transaction. The purchase transaction comes together just like every other real estate sale but without the headaches, intrusions, and complexities. Yes, it's that simple!

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