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Advantage Series™ Overview

The Phoenix Advantage Series™ Programs

Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. has taken over twenty years' experience as buyers of residential property and organized our methods in a series of four proprietary, detailed, step-by-step programs that we call the Phoenix Advantage Series™. The four programs that make up the Phoenix Advantage Series™ have been designed specifically to address the challenges that face traditional home sellers, rental property owners, estate and trust administrators, and homeowners trying to navigate a short sale or steer clear of foreclosure.

The Seller's Advantage Program™: Phoenix's Seller's Advantage Program&tarde is the home selling program designed to address the challenges of selling your primary residence. Learn More

The Investor's Advantage Program™:  Phoenix's Investor's Advantage Program&trade is the program we've designed with the particular needs and concerns of investors in mind. If you are considering selling a rental property, this is the program for you. Learn More

The Estate Advantage Program™:  Phoenix's Estate Advantage Program™ is designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of estate administrators and their attorneys, CPAs, and other advisors. Learn More

The Fresh Start Solution™:  Phoenix's Fresh Start Solution™ is the custom-fit solution for homeowners facing foreclosure or homeowners that owe more than their property is worth and need to do a short sale with their lender to complete a sale of their residence. Learn More