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The Phoenix Renovated Home™
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The Phoenix Renovated Home™

The Phoenix Renovated Home™ is the premier product of Phoenix Redevelopment, Inc. As the name implies, a Phoenix Renovated Home™ is a fully renovated home that has been painstakingly updated to our exacting quality standards while still retaining the original charm and character of an older home.

Some of the many features you may find in a Phoenix Renovated Home™ include a new Pabco Premier 30™ roof, new coats of Miller Paint inside and out, gleaming wood floors, new maple kitchen cabinets, new period light fixtures, new receptacles and switches, new vinyl and fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms, updated landscaping, and much, much more. As an added measure of quality and convenience for our Buyers, all Phoenix Renovated Homes™ are renovated to comply with VA and FHA lending criteria and come with a one-year American Home Shield™ (AHS) home warranty.

The Phoenix Renovated Home™ is designed to appeal to discriminating home buyers who are looking for a classic older home with the original charm restored and the required maintenance and renovation already addressed. We renovate our homes to our high quality standards so that our Buyers can enjoy the charm and features of an existing home without having to deal with the extensive repairs and upgrades often associated with older homes.

If you value the architecture, features, and established neighborhood feel of Portland's existing homes, a Phoenix Renovated Home™ is the answer. You can turn the key, switch on the lights, and start living in the home of your dreams!

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